Facebook Ads Introduces Broad Targeting

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Last week, Facebook’s advertising platform introduced Broad Targeting. This has been a long time coming for sure! If you’ve used Facebook’s interest targeting before (now called Precise Interest Targeting), you understand my frustration in trying to come up with keyword lists that match a certain profile.

Facebook Ads are ideal for wedding photographers to target their clientele.. it’s actually almost too easy for them: Target: Winnipeg Relationship status: Engaged. Done.

But, when we get into targeting, say, mothers of toddles like I’m currently doing for a client, things get a little more complicated since that information isn’t as readily available (or obvious) on a profile.

We have a few options to reach this target:

  1. target ALL women who are married between the ages of 25 – 40 (making very general assumptions)
  2. create a keyword list of possible interests amongst mothers of toddlers (with Facebook’s help, we get suggestions of keywords. OR even better, you can get some specific common interest from the Insight data of your business’ Facebook Page)
  3. using Facebook’s newest feature, Broad Interest Targeting, we can simply select “Parents of children 0-3”


Facebook rewards relevancy

With traditional marketing (billboards, radio etc..), we have to basically target larger demographics and hope that our ads are relevant to enough to those who see it in order to receive a return on our investment. However, Facebook is smarter than your average ad platform and is able to reward the advertiser for its relevancy. The more relevant your ad to the people you’re showing it to, the less you pay for your clicks. The less relevant, the more you’ll have to pay — and can result in eventually not even showing your ads at all. This is easily measured by simple math that we call your CTR (click through rate). CTR = number of clicks / number of impressions (times your ad has been seen)

While I was so excited about the new broad targeting, I can already see that it has its flaws still.  I recently updated a campaign where I was targeting a long string of researched keywords to target these mothers of toddlers to simply target Parents of children 0-3 and have been disappointed by the results so far.

Facebook Ads Introduces Broad Targeting

I’m tweaking the campaign yet (which is continually the case with any pay-per-click advertising).. but, my hand-crafted keyword list is still resulting in over 2x the CTR (and therefore cheaper clicks for my client) that the new broad match system is getting. What does that tell me?  Facebook isn’t perfect and the easy solution isn’t always the best one.

I suspect that we’ll see the new feature improve over time as Facebook Ads has proven to continuously roll out new features. Facebook is still one of my top ad platform choices for many B2C clients.

I  look forward to keeping you updated on the results of this campaign!

Who are you wanting to target with your Facebook Ads?


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