Pay per click advertising for recruitment?

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{As posted on Liv Interactive, September 28, 2010}

Finding the right person for the job is not an easy task.  Employers turn to recruitment agencies or local paper career sections, costing them thousands to fill one position.

Are employers missing out on the most powerful recruitment tool that could cost them less than a dollar a day?

Thousands of talented individuals are tying in “xxxxx jobs” into Google everyday. That is, people specifically looking for just the job opening you’re looking to fill.

And while, yes, posting your job listing on the first websites that pop up on Google is good stategy — have you ever simply considered advertising the job with a link to your website on Google Adwords, Google’s pay per click advertising network.

People are searching for the job you’re hiring for.

Think about it. Instead of posting your job listing in a newspaper that targets everyone who is searching for a job – why not use Google Adwords to target the people looking for that specific job?

With Google Adwords you can:

  1. Geo-target jobseekers. Meaning you can have your listing pop up for people only searching within your city, or you can expand your reach to the whole world. It’s up to you and where you think jobseekers might currently be residing;
  2. Use keyword research to discover how many people are actually typing “xxxx jobs” into Google monthly;
  3. Only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Pay per click advertising really lives up to its name. Your ad will not cost you a cent until people click on it. And, you set the budget. Which other job posting site can tell you that?

Google Adwords is a very strong advertising platform that is often overlooked when it comes to specific marketing messages. Companies often only think of using it to drive general traffic to their site and to beat the search engine optimization game.

I’m curious to know: What did it cost you to find your latest recruit?

Could Google Adwords have helped you find an equally qualified individual for less?

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