You DO click on Facebook Ads

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{As posted on Liv Interactive, August 5, 2010}

I always think it’s funny when I talk to a client about Facebook Ads and they tell me, “I don’t click on those ads.. Nobody does”.

Yes you do.

As a Pay-Per-Click Ad Manager, Facebook is telling me otherwise. People DO click on the ads and the results I’ve seen have been unparalleled to most other PPC platforms. I’m seeing better click-through rates than I’ve seen compared to even the king of PPC platforms, Google Adwords. and what’s surprised me even more, are the conversion rates. My latest campaign boasted a 40% conversion. So, not only are people clicking, but they’re also engaging with my client’s brand. Proven ROI..That’s why I love this stuff.

There’s something to be said for this highly targeted advertising platform. If your customers are on Facebook, it’s definitely worth giving it a shot. Honing in on your target market to the degree of gender, location, marital status AND interests — you’re bound to see results. And if you don’t, you’ll know with little investment that you need to do something differently.

And don’t ever discount the power of a well-designed and properly focused landing page. That’s where the money’s at.

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